Pesach, known as Passover in English, is a major Jewish spring festival, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt over 3,000 years ago. The ritual observance of this holiday centers around a special home service called the seder (meaning “order”) and a festive meal; the prohibition of chametz (leaven); and the eating of matzah (an unleavened bread). On the fifteenth day of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar, Jews gather with family and friends in the evening to read from a book called the haggadah, meaning “telling,” which contains the order of prayers, rituals, readings, and songs for the Passover seder. Today, the holiday is a celebration of freedom and family.


April 15 – 22, 2022

Social Justice

Passover is rich in social justice themes. Here are a few ways to incorporate social action themes into your holiday observance.

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Passover Family Activities

Passover Recipes

Together with your children, watch these Shalom Sesame videos to learn about the customs of the Passover seder. Then try some of the discussion ideas and activities recommended by Reform Jewish educators to further extend the lessons learned in the videos.

How-to Videos

This recipe is so old (from my mother) that I can’t bring myself to change the first line that calls for a rotary beater—the kind you crank with your hand while the beaters go around.


Learn about the parts of the Passover seder plate.

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More on Passover

Here are some ideas to help you and your family discover something “new” in the very “old” story told by the Haggadah at your Passover seder.