Dear Parents,

     As we approach the fall and the upcoming school year, I would like to welcome all new and returning families to our school.  I look forward to working with you and our faculty to educate our children.  Our teachers, madrichim (aides), and specialists together form a very strong and capable team.  We consider it a privilege to help our youth become knowledgeable, dedicated Jews who will keep our heritage alive.

     Below is a description of the educational opportunities available for the children of Congregation Beth Israel.  Our curriculum is based on principles of Understanding by Design and Project Based Learning.   Each grade level focuses on a single topic each semester which they explore through engaging in a group project during the term.  Our faculty strives to bring a sense of commitment and love of Judaism along with conveying specific information as they teach our youth each week.

     We strongly encourage you to take an active role in your children’s Jewish education.  Volunteering in the school, discussing the week’s lessons, helping your students to arrive prepared for class (homework completed, materials in hand), observing Shabbat and other holidays in your home, and reading and discussing Jewish literature are some of the many ways to participate in your children’s learning process.  Attending services as a family on a regular basis will enrich your family as well as support the underlying spiritual message of our school.   The school has short T’fillah (prayer) services each day we meet.  I encourage you to attend with your student(s).  In addition we will be offering adult education opportunities every Saturday morning, as well as some weekday evenings.  Attending these programs gives you an opportunity to increase your own knowledge while showing your children that Jewish learning is a lifetime endeavor.

     Raising Jewish children who will choose to be Jewish adults is a joint venture between the home and the school.  Many parents do not have their own childhood Jewish memories to pass on to their children.  If you need support in bringing Judaism into your home it is our pleasure to assist you.  Educating a child includes the family. 

     It is our continued challenge to enable our young people to take the highest ideals of Judaism from the classroom out into the world.  Together we will work to achieve this lofty goal.

     I look forward to greeting you and your family as we begin our school year.  Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, questions or concerns at 624-2015, ext. 12 or   


Louise Riddell-Kaufman, Educator