The 32nd Jewish Food Festival

   August 25, 2019 ~ 10 am to 4 pm                                                                                                    Like Us on Facebook

Baking Days every Sunday from 9:30 to about noon at CBI.  Come join the fun. 

For more information contact us by email at

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Thank you to our sponsors! We couldn’t do it without you!

Ellyn Gelson – Gelt Booth Sponsor

KW Coastal Estates ~ Angelica Blatt – Appitizer Booth Sponsor

Big Sur Canna+Botanicals – Aram Stoney – Bar-B-Q Booth Sponsor

Blackthorne Spas – Malina Breaux – Beer Booth Sponsor
Jim & Natalie Sammet – Bakery Booth Sponsor
David Awerbuck – Membership Booth Sponsor
Jenifer & Bob Block – Bakery Booth Sponsor
Dan & Ellen Weiner – Seltzer Booth Sponsor
Rabbi Bruce & Susan Greenbaum – Salmon Booth Sponsor

Steve & Ann Packer

Lester & Wendy Tockerman
Corry Rucka
The Pompan Family
Leala Leavy

Beryl & Sam Levinger
Tom & Ellen Krause
Rosemary Lande
Dena Weber

Sous Chef
Barbara Mitchell & Bill Pardue
Gary & Judy Simon
Constance & Michael Kean
Lindley Zerbe DDS
Marsha Kelly
Wendy & Andrew Schmidt
Robert & Sue Tasner
Ellen Saxby
Matthew & Charlene Schuss