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Todah Rabah ~ Thank You

The support from the community has been incredible and overwhelming in a really good way.  From the overflowing presence in the Temple on Tuesday night to the personal phone calls from concerned friends to thoughtful gestures from other faith based organizations, we feel very blessed.  We are blessed with amazing spiritual leaders like Cantor Alisa Fineman, Rabbi Bruce Greenbaum, and Rabbi Jeff Schulman.  We are blessed with caring community leaders like Representative Jimmy Panetta.  We are blessed with so many friends in the local Faith Community.  We are blessed with our faith.  

But we can’t forget what brought us here.  The massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue was a senseless act of antisemitism that cannot be forgotten.  The lives that were lost will never be returned.  We can’t let this happen again.  The board of trustees is putting together a task force to address the issue of security at Congregation Beth Israel.  We know we cannot fulfill our mission to be a welcoming and inclusive center for Jewish life if we don’t feel safe on our Synagogue.  

Joyce Fienberg, Richard Gottfried, Rose Mallinger, Jerry Rabinowitz, Cecil Rosenthal, David Rosenthal, Bernice Simon, Sylvan Simon, Daniel Stein, Melvin Wax, Irving Younger, may their memories be a blessing.



Last four photos by: Nic Coury/Monterey County Weekly

Community Shabbat Dinner

Join us Friday November 30th at 6:30 PM for our monthly Community Shabbat Dinner.  Savor a sense of community and food worthy of celebration.  Join us as we offer blessings for the bread and wine and sing traditional songs to begin our gatherings.  Children are welcome.  Evening services follow if you wish to attend.
Please call the CBI office for reservations. $12.50 for adult members, $5 for kids under 13, $20 for everyone else. 

Jewish Food
Festival 2019
August 25, 10am to 4pm

Carmel Jewish Film Festival 2019
March 2-17

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Congregation Beth Israel’s mission is to be a welcoming and inclusive center for Jewish life in the Monterey Peninsula area.


As a center for Jewish life in our area, accessible to Jews of all backgrounds and their families, Congregation Beth Israel will serve as a house of prayer, a house of study, and a house of community, consistent with Jewish values and ethics.


Congregation Beth Israel is the dynamic, vibrant center for Jewish life in the Monterey Peninsula area.  Our members celebrate and nurture relationships with God and with each other while respecting and wrestling with our Jewish tradition. 
Our doors are open to all who seek the guidance of our Jewish faith. We strive to make a positive impact on our community, the environment, and on the human condition through Tikkun Olam.