Happy New Year!  Congregation Beth Israel welcomes all who want to observe and celebrate our Jewish values and traditions.

The High Holy Days are upon us and it is time once again to return, renew, and refresh our spiritual lives.  During this period of reflection, we look back to take stock of our year, and look ahead toward our intentions for the coming year.  How well did we honor our Jewish values in our daily lives?  And how do we put these Jewish values into action moving forward?

By providing a place for our Jewish observance, Congregation Beth Israel is living a key tenet of our Vision, which is to be a house of prayer.  But we are so much more.  According to our Vision Statement we are “a center for Jewish life in our area, accessible to Jews of all backgrounds and their families.”  How do we at CBI honor these stated values?  The Board of Trustees uses our Mission, Vision, and Core Values statements (displayed in our lobby) as a basis for reflection on our past as well as our plans for the future.  Over the last few years we have put these values into action by eliminating tickets for High Holy Day services and replacing the mandatory membership dues structure with a voluntary pledge system of membership.  Through these measures and others, we are creating a dynamic culture of generosity that springs from our diversity, inclusiveness, and accessibility.

As we look ahead, we will continue to expand our welcome to all who want to connect Jewishly in a variety of ways—spiritually, socially, culturally, and educationally—consistent with Jewish values and ethics.  I, and the Board of Trustees, invite you to explore the many points of engagement CBI has to offer.  As you renew and nourish your Jewish soul, I encourage you to take a fresh look at CBI as your partner in living Jewishly, however you define it.

L’Shana Tovah,

Cara Lieb
President, Board of Trustees

Click here for your guide to give you information to simplify the High Holy Days season.

Have You Sent in Your Annual Pledge Forms?

When asked “Why do you pledge?”  
I recognize there are true costs to running the synagogue ~ And my pledge feels like a fair price to pay for a vibrant Jewish Community.  ~~ a short green person.
This year I upped my pledge.  Up yours? ~~ Marsha Kelley
I believe that if people have the wherewithal they should contribute more because others can’t.  It’s nothing magical.  ~~ Bob Fenton
Because somebody’s got to hold up the roof. ~~ Anonymous
See our Membership Page for all Memebership and Pledge forms.

CBI Goes to The Theater

Check out this year’s lineup of great theatre productions in our CBI Goes to the Theatre series. Tickets on sale now! Call the CBI office to reserve your group rate tickets.

Chicago December 7th – 7:30 ~ Golden Bough

Rock Legends January 7, 2020 7:30 ~ Golden Bough  They’ll be dancing in the aisles!
Adults $36, Seniors $28, teachers and Military $16,  students $11, children $8

Community Shabbat Dinner

Join us Friday, October 26th for our monthly Community Shabbat Dinner.  This month we will be honoring our new members.  Seating starts at 6:15pm.  Savor a sense of community and food worthy of celebration.  Join us as we offer blessings for the bread and wine and sing traditional songs to begin our gatherings.  Children are welcome.  Evening services follow if you wish to attend.
Please call the CBI office for reservations. Members: $13 for Adults, $5 for Kids under 13.  Others: $23 for Adults, $10 for Kids under 13. 
We do our best to accommodate everyone.  If you decide at the last minute you want to join us, we will do our best to make room.  We only ask that you wait in the foyer until all the reservations have been seated and additional place settings have been set to accommodate the additional seating needed.

Jewish Food
Festival 2020
August 23, 10 to 4

Carmel Jewish Film Festival 2020
March 7-22


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Congregation Beth Israel’s mission is to be a welcoming and inclusive center for Jewish life in the Monterey Peninsula area.


As a center for Jewish life in our area, accessible to Jews of all backgrounds and their families, Congregation Beth Israel will serve as a house of prayer, a house of study, and a house of community, consistent with Jewish values and ethics.


Congregation Beth Israel is the dynamic, vibrant center for Jewish life in the Monterey Peninsula area.  Our members celebrate and nurture relationships with God and with each other while respecting and wrestling with our Jewish tradition. 
Our doors are open to all who seek the guidance of our Jewish faith. We strive to make a positive impact on our community, the environment, and on the human condition through Tikkun Olam.